Tuesday, June 22, 2010

to whom this may concern;


that is about the extent of my chinese.
so as you proberbly can tell,
its been rather difficult to converse with people.

so i've said it before
and i'll say it again
i rather miss you

in a way, this holiday kinda sucks
because i don't get to see you
and my dad constantly goes on about
how amazing asian girls are
how their bodies are amazing
there are some great asses here
etc etc etc

it is a tad annoying
but he does not really understand everything
that i have been through over the last few years

hence why i don't see people like
sex objects on a stick

i see real people

but oh well.

i hope you're all good in the hood

say hi to chaz & geoff for me if you go into jb
which i'm sure you will :)

be good!


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