Tuesday, June 29, 2010

to whom this may concern;

i've been thinking about you quite a bit today
because i realised
i've not wrote anything on here in a while

this experience over here is mind boggeling
for the last few days i've been completly
lost in translation

i have finally reaslised
that nobody here speaks english

i think i'll cry when i'm back home
and people speak a language
i understand

visiting malls over here is

its not stores
they're more like stalls
like the type you get
at music festavils

but seriously
this is an experience i won't forget

cause i have been drinking whilst i've been here
and i've already forgotten what happened that night
(thanks to my new american friends haha)

and clubbing in china kicks ass
one of my american mates is only 15
and we did not get asked for id at all

but the people are really friendly in clubs
they give you drinks, dance with you
and you have no idea who they are
its great

but we think they only did that cause we're white

but it happened in every club

was pretty fun





but i miss you

quite a lot actually

and i can't wait to see you when i get back

as long as you are not overseas

in wellington!

ok i'm going to go now

be good and stay classy


yours sincerely,

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