Tuesday, February 2, 2010

trust; for some reason i have none in others, yet i expect it in return.

i'm open to the world, yet i'm still completely closed off.

everything that happens to us are the pieces in our jigsaw of life.

i'm afraid of what might be around the corner for me, yet i'm still afraid of what's behind me.

trying to do the right thing can always bite you back.

think what you want, but you still can't change what i think.

i don't like people treating me like crap, even if it is only me that thinks it.

when you tell someone to not get involved, they will anyway.

there are some things that a band aid can't fix.

you don't know anything until you have to reassemble yourself.
even worse; your heart.

some people don't understand the difference between right & wrong.

growing up is harder than it appears.

i would rather stay at home alone than be surrounded by idiots.

the novelty of parties wore off very fast.

i still don't understand why 13 year olds need to slut themselves up as much as they do.

i sometimes question how well i know myself.

you may think you know me. but you have no idea.

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