Saturday, January 2, 2010

merry ny!

merry new years everybody :)

i have a feeling this year will be a both fun & challenging one!
no more school, working & camp america :)
bring it on!

also may i point out i'm going to attempt to regain the level of fitness i was once at..
fingers crossed i can be bothered!

music of the new year!

just before i went away down south for my new year break.. i gave a listen to susan boyle's album.
and i'll be honest.. after all the attention she gathered.. her album is rather lack luster.
the only superb track on there is her rendition of the stones' 'wild horses'.. which is simply astounding!

and also every year i try to start the year off with one band, being the first song (or band i hear for the new year). this year the local group from howick.. artisan guns takes the prize :)
i gave their ep a spin when i woke up on the 1st. . and i can't stop praising it!
fantastic cd that one is :D

may i also point out that i had no idea how fantastic destiny's child are for road trips :)
can you handle their jelly?
(scott.. if you come across this.. please don't judge me haha! it was my friends cd!)

peter jackson's latest offering 'the lovely bones' hit cinemas, and does not disappoint.
i was able to catch the first 30 pages or so of the book over new years, and fell in love.
a great compelling story, and an even greater cast (two thumbs up for louise.. hehe)

i finished watching the last disk of 24 season 4 last night in prep for season 8 starting in a few weeks..
however i must say.. as much as i love the show season 4 would have been the perfect place to end it!
but oh well.. i still love it anyway :D

well.. i think thats it for now :)

peace out playa's!

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